Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bob's House (video)

Well done Pepsi for your Superbowl ad "Bob's House" (below for those who haven't seen it.) It's a nicely done ad that's not patronizing and brings some humor to the issue of disability.
A press release from Pepsi notes that it was "created by and features PepsiCo employees who are members of EnAble, an employee network whose mission is to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities."
It seems that other reviews of the ad were generally positive, however Pepsi upset others by not captioning their other ads run during the same game. I went to Pepsi's site looking for more information on this group EnAble, but was disappointed.

Ultimately, I applaud Pepsi for doing their piece, and getting it right, even if it was on only this ad.

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