Thursday, February 14, 2008

Walgreens and a great approach to employment for those with disabilities

In case you missed it. Here's a link to an ABC piece about Walgreens distribution center in SC where 40% of the employees have disabilities. <Link>
In a 2006 piece by Diversity World, Randy Lewis of Walgreens talks about how he came up with the program. He talks about preparation for the opening of this distribution center and how they connected with local agencies serving individuals with disabilities, as well as schools to develop a network of employees. He describes a strong partnership between community and government agencies.

"We opened up a training center there. One agency provided the building. We provided the equipment. One agency provides the trainers. Not only are the trainees trained on how to do the job, but also on social skills – how to interact properly with other people. Those skills are important when you are working in a building with six hundred other people. "

Walgreens' site has information on their program and how other businesses can benefit from their experience.


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