Friday, February 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye to a Niche

Creating a niche for yourself in marketing can be a successful strategy by focusing your work on a particular group of people or interests. However, there are occasions where that niche becomes too limiting, and you have to open up and develop a larger space for yourself.

For the last few years I have written this blog that initially sought to cater to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. When I started the blog, I was in graduate school and looking for new ways to enhance my work using technology, and a blog appeared to be a good option. The idea was to provide information and resources to VR counselors regarding disability and rehabilitation as well as provide as sense of community for these diverse professionals. (Visit the Inaugural Post for the details.)

While valuable, the scope of MaineVRC has become too restrictive, and limited. I am launching a new site and will no longer be updating this space. Thank you for your participation and readership.

Please join me at my new site