Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the first VRC blog, the official blog of MaineVRC. I have created the site out of the desire to find better ways to work and share information with my fellow counselors.

Maine VRC looks to be a hub for information which VR counselors use on a daily basis. It will allow counselors to find information quickly and easily through its links, and we can refer clients and employers to the site for information relevant to their involvement in Vocational Rehabilitation.

Maine VRC hopes to help counselors network and share information and resources with their fellow counselors, be these tools, forms or trainings which they’ve created, websites they’ve found useful, workshops or events which are happening around our state.

Maine VRC hopes to stimulate discussion on issues relevant to the field of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, allowing us to look at our work from a theoretical or philosophical point of view, and improve our practice through this process.

Maine VRC hopes to share curiosity, laughs, creativity, support and kinship.

Maine VRC hopes that this site will prove useful to VR counselors allowing us to work more effectively, happily and more connected.

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