Sunday, December 19, 2010

iPhone and Android app which adjusts for Color blindness

DanKam is a $3 iPhone and Android app which allows the user to adjust for their colorblindness.

Though not colorblind himself, Dan Kamisky designed the app, and gives a great run down on it on his blog, aptly named Dan Kamisky's Blog

He excerpts some of the reviews from the app stores, and they're understandably positive,

"As a colorblind person I just downloaded this app. How can I f*cking nominate you to the Nobel Prize committee? I am literally, almost in tears writing this, I CAN FRICKIN’ SEE PROPER COLORS!!!! PLEASE KEEP UP THIS WORK! AND CONTINUE TO REFINE THIS APP!
–Aaron Smith"

This is why I love the web and technology.  This is a perfect example of a great idea which would improve the lives of thousands of people.  Because of technology and the web, he was able to bring it to fruition and get out at a reasonable cost for people to access.  And as it's a mobile phone application, it also allows people to use it where they live and function, rather than being tied to a desktop.

Dan Kamisky's Blog
DanKam; Augmented Reality for Color Blindness

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Temple Grandin on Autism at the TED Conference

Temple Grandin at the TED conference talking about how "The World Needs All Kinds of Minds"

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