Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blind Leading the Non-Blind; Dialogue in the Dark

More than disability awareness, Dialogue in the Dark appears to give sighted people the experience of some of the more unique aspects of being visually impaired.
"Spend one hour in complete darkness, maneuvering through city streets and markets, relying only on a walking cane and a guide who is visually impaired. That's the premise behind Dialog in the Dark, a sensory exhibit that made its U.S. debut in late August in Atlanta...Dialog in the Dark, founded 20 years ago in Germany, opened at the Atlantic Station Exhibition Center on Aug. 30. It requires visitors to navigate through five familiar environments. They must complete routine tasks, such as selecting a pineapple at the market or purchasing a soda at a café, relying only on scents, sounds, temperatures and textures.

The first gallery visitors explore is a park — complete with a waterfall, creek and ground that turns from gravel to wood chips."

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