Monday, August 4, 2008

Missing Model Pt II

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the BBCs Missing Model, a modeling show where everyone has a disability. Since that time, I've come across a couple pieces which I wanted to include in these pages.

The first is a pice from, the Ouch Podcast #29. For those not familiar with BBC's Ouch, it is a disability website which has news, message boards, columnists and a podcast. Just a quick warning, Ouch is not always, okay rarely, politically correct, and may offend some listeners. Podcast #29 has an interview with the first contestant thrown off the Missing Model show, and one of the judges. Its an interesting piece, especially a discussion of how some contestants are visibly disabled, and a couple are not, and whether this was appropriate for the show. Ultimately, she decides that those that are not visibly disabled, they would still be challenging steriotypes and changing minds behind the scenes with other models, agents and photographers, even if they're not impacting the public perception.

The other is a short video about the show (below):

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