Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Concerns about ADA revisions

Apparently there's been some concern about the revisions to the ADA. They have recently passed the House of Representitives, and will be read in the Senate in September.
A recent article in Diverse Issues in Higher Education notes:

"Two sections of the legislation will have unintended and negative consequences for our members in their role as academic institutions, says Dr. Terry Hartle, senior vice president of government and public affairs at the American Council on Education.
One provision would add thinking and concentrating to the list of major life activities for which students with difficulties may request accommodations. Hartle says the change could allow students to claim limits on their ability that would be difficult to verify...
Another concern is that colleges would have less flexibility to consider other measures, such as a study skills course or even a change in student behavior toward school, in determining whether a student needs formal accommodations."

Text of the ADA
Another article expressing concern about the revisions

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