Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mini Book Expo: Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure: Mini Book Expo

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to let readers know that in the coming weeks you will see my first review of a book I have received free of charge from a site called Mini Book Expo for Bloggers. It is my hope that should this arrangement work out, that you will c0ntinue to see reviews on a fairly regular basis.

Mini Book Expo for Bloggers is a site that distributes books to bloggers for the purpose of having them reviewed. Publishers provide the books to Mini Book Expo for this purpose. I receive no payment for the review, only the free book from Mini Book Expo. Should a reader purchase the book via the Amazon.com link in the posts, I would receive a percentage, however this is independent of my relationship with Mini Book Expo.

All posts about books I have received from Mini Book Expo will have a link to this Full Disclosure post, as well as a link to Mini Book Expo.

I will continue to provide readers with an independent point of view.

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