Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Optimus Maximus Keyboard

Tekzilla has an interesting video on a new keyboard, that has previously only been in theory. The basic premise is that the keys are small computer screens 48 pixles x 48 pixles and allows the user to program each key with a specific image and / or function.
Primarily designed for graphic designers and other tech heavy occupations. This would allow the user to reduce the number of key strokes dramatically, by allowing the user to program the keyboard based on the program they're using. The demo of the keyboard runs from 14:21- 24:16minutes

The top end model, Optimus Maximus is $1800, though other models are available, even down to a 3 button version, called the Mini three, which will set you back $183.

No not specifically Assistive Tech, and quite cost prohibitive, I can see how this technology could in the future allow a user to have a keyboard or other programmable surface customized based on their environment, be that work, shopping, socializing or at home. It's currenty a very cool gadget for the truely devoted (and more wealthy tech lover).

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