Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Behold the Fulgurator

The Fulgurator is an innocuous device that allows you to insert an image or text into any photograph by pointing it at the object being photographed. Though not visible to the naked eye, the text or image shows up on the picture.
Wired Article about the Fulgurator
Official Fulgurator site (via Google translator)

The video below shows the Fulgurator in action at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

Okay, so it' not disability related, but its still very cool.


navigateME said...

Aaah subliminal messaging at its best! I also viewed the Red Sox stat guru and liked that as well. I am disappointed to see little here related to disability and work issues especially from a VRC. C'mon J--- Also disappointed to see no comments on any of the blog posts, do people know this exists? Anyway, Now that I have found this I have saved it to my favorites and hope to continue to find interesting and helpful posts here. I will share this with others as well.

Maine VRC said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I've considered changing the name because: 1)I cover more general disability information and 2)It might appeal to a broader audience.