Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One for the guys (and the guys you love) aka Carpe Testes

Breast cancer has had plenty of press, public service announcements and awareness raising programs. It's acceptable to talk about self exams in polite company.

But how about one for the guys. I've always wondered what the ads for mens self exams would look like. With the rise of the awareness wrist bands and magnetic ribbons for the cars, I could just picture the one for the men being two upside down ribbons (think about it......). I can't imagine Channel 13 doing a buddy to buddy on checking your testicles.

Arrive Carpe Testes the public awareness site of the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation. Having stumbled on the Sing Along video on You Tube, I had to check out the origin. Thankfully I did, as the other videos are engaging and hilarious as well. From the Sing a long of euphemisms for "the boys" (captioned) to an ice hockey themed "Check your nuts...Often" (both below) the videos pass along an important message.
So, send this along for a laugh and a reminder to the men you love to "Check their nuts"

After you're done checking them, don't forget the Balla Powder for men. Yes it's "Testicle Talc" (per Boing Boing)

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