Sunday, April 4, 2010

Subversive anti-cancer cross-stitch kits

 All I can think is that Katie  would have loved this.  She died of breast cancer just over a year ago.  We came across some pictures the other day.  In the picture someone's holding our video camera, so we spent the next hour finding the video of that day.  It's from about 6 months before she was diagnosed, and less than a year before she died.  She would have loved these:

Subversive anti-cancer cross-stitch kits: "fuckcancer.jpg

For survivors-to-be whose healing arsenal includes attitude. I dedicate this post, on this particular day, to Gloria Rosa Linda, who is going to beat the living shit out of breast cancer. Sewing kits range from $12 to $20, depending on what materials you'd like to include. Julie Jackson is the crafter behind them. See also these bracelets, too (those are not for sale) (, via Fuzzy Gerdes)


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