Friday, June 12, 2009

Bumpy books for children

Bumpy Books are books that have a tactile input to teach children letters and how to read using a multi-sensory approach. It is based on the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach. A video on their site (not the one below) gives some other methods of providing tactile input in the teching of letters. It also explains some of the different approaches to teaching letters, language and reading.
Bumpy Books website provides some a link to "Listen to the Sounds". It sounds like its the audio of someone using the book with a student, not audio integrated into the book, though this isn't made clear. I think I'd actually prefer the latter, as many kids enjoy pushing the buttons and hearing the feedback, and it would allow the child to use the book independently (though would likely increase the cost substantially). It appears that there is only one book available at the moment and it's unclear whether more are planned. I like the concept, though it looks like an instruction manual from what I can see in their demo. Also, the price for Bumpy Books is $25.00 which is fairly prohibitive for families. The video below gives a nice demonstration of the books.

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Ann Edwards said...

I saw your posting about our Bumpybook. The book was not designed for independent use. We want a parent or adult to work with the child. The sounds are posted on the web site so children and adults will be able to hear them and make them correctly. We created the book because we know the benefits of learning slowly through all the senses. Our hope is to help parents and children who don't know where to begin.
Good Luck Everyone
Ann Edwards

Maine VRC said...

Thank you for your comments. I hope you check out the rest Maine VRC has to offer.