Thursday, May 7, 2009

LD Quarterback

The Sacramento Bee has an article called "New 49ers quarterback undaunted by disability"

"...Ball State's Nate Davis once was considered on par with first-round selections Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford. His draft status fell when scouts discovered his learning disability. He told reporters last weekend that reading and writing have been a problem since seventh grade but that it hasn't affected his play. The proof is Ball State's 12-0 start last season. The red flags were flown higher when he scored an 11 (out of 26) on the Wonderlic aptitude test, according to On the field, his strong arm and accuracy were as good as those of any quarterback available."

I just find it a strange spin on this young man's learning disability. It seems to reflect the knee jerk reaction some have to disability in general, despite this athlete's performances on the field.

Photo courtesy of Anderson Mancini

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