Sunday, February 22, 2009

*Inspiring* Disability News Story Template

I don't write about many, if any, "inspirational" disability stories because I think they're misleading, and frequently patronizing to the individual and people with disabilities in general. See the book No Pity : People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement for a great discussion of this topic. I've not been able to articulate my feelings quite as it as well as a writer called Frida.

She writes a blog called, what else, Frida Writes, and has a great satirical piece called "A Woman with X" It is a template for most of the inspirational stories of disability that we see in the news.

"Woman with ____x________ Has (opposite of x) (e.g., heart transplant/big heart; wheelchair/great strides; blindness/great vision)
For those who know her, Jane proves that living with _________ doesn’t have to mean giving up your dreams. While some people with ___________ might give up on life or become depressed, Jane keeps going, fueled by her passion for__________.
The ____-year old Jane, who has had __________ since she was _________, was told by doctors that she would never __________(again). She has been proving them wrong ever since...."
Read the rest at Frida Writes
Don't forget to check out the ADA Mad Libs she recommends as well.

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