Friday, February 20, 2009

Dept. of Labor to Start Posting Statistics on Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

Federal Department of Labor is now posting information on employment of those with disabilities.

"In June 2008, questions were added to the Current Population Survey (CPS) to identify persons with a disability in the civilian noninstitutional population age 16 and older. The addition of these questions allowed BLS to begin releasing monthly labor force data from the CPS for persons with a disability." -

They've cut the table with employment data of those without disabilities, and that you can see the scary statistics of those with disabilities: 20% of those with disabilities are employed as compared to 65% of those without disabilities over the age of 16. When those over 65 are removed from the calculations, the stats are 32% to 75.7% for men and 29% to 66.9% for women (percent of those with a disability employed to those without a disability).

For those stat geeks the tables are available for down load and your own slicing and dicing.

ODEP Press Release

New monthly data series on the employment status of people with a disability (with tables)- BLS

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I totally support that! Continue that way!