Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Life is Average

I've been reading a funny log called My Life is Average (MILA), and it's full of little stories from people about funny things that happended. Here's a few recent entries which are disability related. Enjoy,

#1406239: "Today, I was signing with my deaf friend. I asked him if he had ever expierenced an awkward silence. He immediatly (sic)stopped signing and just looked at me. This was, in fact, an awkward silence. MLIA.

#1488921: "Today, I was walking into my college's student center when I noticed a blind student with a guide cane a few paces in front of me. A few seconds later a girl rudely pushed her way between the blind student & the friend he was walking with to get into the building. The blind student started walking faster behind the girl & proceeded to hit her feet with his guide cane tripping her up over & over again. He played it off like it was an accident & he was just trying to get around, but the grin on his face told me otherwise. MLIA

#1362944: "The other day in my English class, we were discussing one of the books from The Odessey, The Cyclops. Our teacher was having us demonstrate what it is like to be a cyclops by covering one of our eyes with our hand. Me, having a prosthetic eye, decided to just remove it for a better demonstration. After, I asked, 'Does this work too?'. The teacher looked over, to answer my question. The expression on my teacher's face; priceless. MLIA.

#1372388: "Today we lost power at my school. Everyone was silent in the darkness until my friend laughed maniacally and shouted 'At last the tables have turned!' He is blind. MLIA

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