Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Mario Nardone

Mario Nardone

I proud to be part of a project called Project 2996 and blessed to have received the name of Mario Nardone to remember as part of the project to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

He is a man who appears to have touched many people's lives in so many positive ways, from his wit, generosity and great nature.

Mario worked in the Euro Brokers at 2 World Trade Center. Below are excerpts from articles and memorials to Mario, they are the words and stories from those who knew and loved him. God bless him.

"Mario was an avid traveler and athlete who loved the outdoors. He enjoyed hockey, scuba diving, skydiving and snowboarding. Mario was in great shape and often biked or roller bladed from his Upper East Side apartment to his mother’s house on Staten Island. He will always be remembered for his beautiful smile and priceless sense of humor.
The oldest of three children, Mario was devoted to his family. He treasured the wisdom and company of his father, a longshoreman, and supported his parents when his father became gravely ill, paying for the upkeep of their home and opening a restaurant account for them. In October 2000, one month after the death of his father, Mario took his mother and aunt to Las Vegas, where he biked 100 miles to raise money for a friend’s son who was ill with leukemia. Mario’s mother felt that Mario was too good for this earth and deserved to walk on clouds.
On September 10, 2001, Mario had asked a friend to join him while he shopped for an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Megan McCourt. He planned to propose to her on a surprise trip to New Orleans at the end of September." -EuroBrokers memorial

"In September 2000, Mr. Nardone lost his best friend and confidante, his father, Mario Sr., to cancer. The following month, he took his mother, Linda, and his aunt, Geraldine Bianchi, to Las Vegas, where he biked 100 miles to raise funds in memory of a friend's son who had died of leukemia. When he finished the ride, he took his mother and aunt on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.Later that month, he told his mother something needed to be fixed in the garage. When she opened the door, a baby-blue ribbon was wrapped around a brand new Audi. Mr. Nardone also furnished his mother's house with a nursery to help celebrate the birth of his two nephews, Justin and Tanner. His mother cherishes a postcard her son sent home during a visit to Rome: "The Sistine Chapel is a great work of art -- just like yourself," he wrote. On Sept. 11, the bond broker with Euro Brokers was at his office on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center's Tower 2. He was last seen walking down a staircase shortly before the second airliner hit and remains among the missing. Because the Manhattan resident was so physically fit -- often biking and Rollerblading to his mother's house in Tottenville -- Mrs. Nardone believes, "He could have made those steps in a flash. He had to be helping someone. I just know it."

"Mario Nardone called his mother Tuesday morning to say he had found just the doctor for her. Linda Nardone has serious knee problems, and her son, a 32- year-old bonds broker, had done a little research. "He said he found a doctor who took care of the pope and the doctor doesn't take insurance, but it doesn't matter," his mother said. Mr. Nardone was the guy with the million-dollar smile and the million-dollar heart." -NY Times
it seems there isn't a day that goes by that a tear doesn't enter my eye, a longing to see your face, hold you, speak to you. an indescribable sadness. or yet a funny memory enters my mind and causes me to chuckle and wish you were still here. thankful for the times we did share. the experience. i had no idea how your life would play such a role in mine. i sense you around me. i feel your presence. you will always be forever in my heart.....miss 155" guestbook

"You were also one of the brightest young men I have ever met-down to earth with a gentle and endearing smile. I miss you Mario. Your indelible smile and wit will forever be engraved in my memory. Love always-your friend Scott" guestbook

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