Monday, August 3, 2009

Braille Tattoos

I've seen a variety of Braille Tattoos around, both conceptual and have now see a design for a haptic tattoo. The idea is to implant beads of a material under the skin which would be tactile.

"the implant could be placed on the hand - between thumb and forefinger, so that it could be read when shaking (or holding) hands"
concept by Klara Jirkova
Via Universitat der Kunste Berlin

Below are other "Braille" tattoos, which are not haptic.
""LOVE" in braille to symbolize that Love is Blind."
From by shewhophotographs

From Smushed Cow

From Flora Fleempaard

"Get busy living" from Bluekarzo

From the_girl

From Karli Brooke

From reason_and_nature

From juan () fonzo

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