Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Rank? 20,971,845

Well, as we enter 2009 our ranking is 20,971,845 according to

Is that bad? Well, according to a
2007 survey, there were 108,810,358 sites, while another site lists it at approximately 150 Million as of January 2008, and I'd suspect that's gone up significantly since then.

Google Analytics helps me monitor site traffic. Since adding analytics to Maine VRC in July, I have received some interesting information. From July we have a 61% bounce rate, average page views are 2.13, and average time on the site is 1 minute 47 seconds. The top referral site is Google, with Blogger coming in second.
This tells me that we're getting a few people that are coming regularly and checking out the content, while we have a larger portion of people who hit the site from a search engine or other source and either find the post they want immediately (good) but don't stay around and check out the archive or other posts (bad).
In 2008 we had some problems with the Blogger account which caused significant disruption in posts, and lasted nearly 4 months (from August through December). As challenging as this was, it also encouraged me to focus some energy on redesigning the site, some other projects and freelance work such as Techdirt and Associated Content.

For this New Year, I'm looking to deliver some more original content while still providing some links to quality content around the web. I'd like to improve my traffic, and more regular readers.

Thank you for supporting Maine VRC, and Happy New Year

Thanks for supporting Maine VRC.

Flickr photo used with Creative Commons permission from Redver

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