Monday, December 8, 2008

Assistive Tech. as Psychological Marker

Okay, so the title might over state it a bit, but the point is very valid.

"...we can often have the false impression that providing a patient with a bit of kit will be well received as its offers a "solution" to a problem. Sadly however the issue of a device can also be a clear a visible marker of an ability lost or never to be gained and may therefore be received with a distinct feeling of sadness, even anger."

Short but very interesting article. It's imperative that we're cognizant of an individual's feeling about using a piece of AT. For many, especially young people, its others' perceptions of the AT rather than their own. They may understand how it can help them, but the perception may out weigh this. It is not enough to say you should or must, but to help them come to a point of accepting it, and finding a way to build it into their life. This may mean helping them talk to others about what it does for them.

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AT picture used with Creative Commons Permission from Flickr user cobalt123

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