Monday, November 17, 2008

SNL's Disability Skit: Funny or Offensive?

Offensive or not? Patricia Bauer asked the question of her readers. I enjoy a good parody, and don't mind when it pokes fun of our stereotypes or perceptions of disabilities. These can be very healthy to challenge our ideas. However, this SNL skit doesn't parody disability, or attitudes. What do you think?

"But when the camera comes in for a closeup, it reveals that Wiig’s “Judice” has physical deformities — an abnormally large forehead and tiny, doll-sized hands.
There’s also more than a suggestion of intellectual disabilities here. As her three sisters (led by Anne Hathaway) sing conventional lyrics about boyfriends and butterflies, Wiig’s character sings about chasing cars, eating a dead cat she found in the road, and finding love “with my by myself.”

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