Friday, September 19, 2008

Patterson talks disability at the DNC

An excellent article from News Day on NY Governor David Patterson's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

"it was a bit unusual for some New Yorkers to watch Paterson use part of his short speech in Denver to predict a new era for the disabled would be ushered in under a president Barack Obama...It was a rare and serious foray for Paterson into the topic of disabilities. He's not one to declare that he won't let blindness stop him, or that he refuses to use his disability as an excuse. Paterson doesn't dip into those profile-in-courage cliches, as inspiring as they can be. He mostly deals with his disability by, seemingly, not dealing with it all."

I continue to be impressed by Mr. Patterson's attitude and humor. As the article notes, he doesn't take to being an "inspiration", and I think it's a healthy attitude for himself and for others to see of those with disabilities. He also obviously has an easy humor about him, I love the opening joke about his time being up. The full speech is below, thanks to You Tube.

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