Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great site for parents

I came across this site today, and got very excited. Now, we're not a house that lacks books, and we surely don't need to be looking for many more at this point.
However, you can never have too many. So, the question is how do decide? states that "Picture books are for reading" and that they "allow you to look at books in their entirety-from cover to cover."

What I love is that the books are large enough so you can see the illustrations as well as the text. The interface looks like a book and allows you to click on a page to turn it, and it gives the impression that you're turning the page. The example below is a shrunken version of what you'll see on the site. Of course you can also buy the book through various on line retailers. Who has the time to look through loads of books while coralling a 20 month old.

Happy reading!

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