Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Patterson, NY's Governor a "disability case"

Interesting article from Poynter Online (Everything you need to be a better journalist) talking about how most media has covered David Patterson's rise to NY Governor as a initially a racial issue, and later as the state's first blind governor.
Governor Patterson had some frank words about race and disabilty for the NY Times in 2006 "'Every single white political consultant that I ever worked with likes to promote my disabilities. And I suspect it's to mitigate race -- to give me, in their eyes, an honorary white status." and reportedly "disparaged efforts to make him a 'disability case'.

I like his frankness and honesty about the coverage he's received. Its good to see the issue put out on the table. Its excellent to see someone with a disabilty in such a high profile position, but Poynter summed it up as such;

"Let's take heed of his words, and avoid labeling him either black or disabled. Just governor will do. "

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